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Millennial Sabbath
Yom SheKulo Shabbat -- the day when all will be Sabbath

Each day of creation may be seen to correspond to a millennial day (1000 years) of the world. "One day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day" - 2 Peter 3:8-10 (relating specifically to the return of Messiah). Ancient rabbinic teaching proposes this relationship between creation week and the Sabbath Millennium of messianic reign. We are not trying to suggest exact solar 1000 year blocks of time, nor are we dogmatically affirming a rabbinic dating system -- we suspect that we are closer to the end of the 6th millennium (AM 6000) than the rabbinic calendar indicates.

Dispersion at Babel was approx. AM 2000 (AM 1996 by rabbinic calculation).
Crucifixion about AM 4000  (Approx AM 3795 by rabbinic count).                                         
We are approaching AM 6000 (AM 5762 by rabbinic count).

On the first day, Light and Darkness were created; in the first millennium, Good and Evil appeared.
On the second day, the Waters were separated; in the second millennium, they were brought together in the Great Flood and separated again.
On the third day, Land and Vegetation appeared; in the third millennium, Canaan and abundant Crops were promised.
On the forth day, the Sun and Moon were set in place; they are a messianic sign, David starting the fourth millennium, and Yeshua finishing it.
The fifth and sixth millenniums are known as "the last days".
On the sixth day, beasts and man were created; in the end of the sixth millennium, the Beast and the Son-of-Man appear (Revelation).

The Erev Shabbat candles may be seen to represent the pyres of war of the tribulation preceeding the Great Sabbath,
the Havdallah candle turned upside down and extinguished in wine - the fire from heaven extinguished in blood after the Millennial Reign;
Torah forbids kindling a fire on the Sabbath, there will be no war during the Great Sabbath.

Note the pairing of days:
Light and Darkness were created on the first day, Sun and Moon (to control the Light and Darkness) on the fourth day;
Water and Atmosphere separated on the second day, Fish and Birds (that live therein) created on the fifth day;
Land and Vegetation created on the third day, Beasts and Man (that live thereon) on the sixth day.
Note: Vegetation, created on third day, did not sprout until sixth day, when beasts and man were created (Gen 2:5-9).


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